About Spittle Pond

They lived in a pond not far from here,

And were happy and quacky and free!

The Little Blue Ducky
  • Spittal Pond is the largest nature reserve in Bermuda and a protected area for animals and plants.
  • The nature reserve is home to many birds such as cardinals, blue herons, and of course, ducks!
  • The Bermuda skink, which is one of the rarest lizards in the whole world also lives at Spittal Pond.
  • The reserve is also where you can find Portuguese Rock which is engraved with the initials “R. P.” This is the earliest record of people in Bermuda and is over 450 years old!

Visit Bermuda

Come and visit us here in Bermuda and see the tropical world come to life! Visit Bermuda


In the pink!

The Nature Reserve turned pink due to a “seasonal plankton bloom.” Read more

Trail map

2.3 kilometer trail loop. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking… and bird watching. Learn more


These were the actual photos the author sent to the illustrator to inspire some of the most loved pages of the book. You should go to Spittal pond and try and find theses places yourself!

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